Defend Washington D.C. in ‘The Division 2’


Wikimedia Commons

Players defend Washington D.C. in a military group in this new third person shooter.

Evan Gleason

Ubisoft, who is the publisher of some of the most popular games such as the Assassin’s Creed series and ‘For Honor,’ is releasing ‘Tom Clancy’s Division 2’. Will it be a blockbuster or just another terrible Ubisoft game?

This game resembles other third-person shooters such as in ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ in the sense that it has an open world storyline. But will there be problems with the game like many other Ubisoft games?

The game starts out with you picking out what your character will look like. Your options are either a male or female with an exceptionally large amount of choices to match how you want your character to look. Once you are done making your character, you rush outside and start to learn the basic moves on how to be an agent of the division.

You’re set to be a last line of defense in Washington D.C where your journey begins with your base of operations at the White House. This is where you will prepare to defend innocent lives from the villainous group called the Hyenas. These people decided to prey on the weak to survive instead of uniting together.  Your job is to find these people and, if they have done anything bad to innocent lives, to deal with them.

Some of the problems with the game are that if you get confused about where to go it’s difficult to find the correct way because the instructions are written in such a small font. The controls differ from other shooter games as well. Usually the vault button is X for PS4, but in this case, it’s O. There are some other problems with the game such as how the response time for the character switching from one wall to the next is slow which could lead to you being shot more by enemies.

‘Tom Clancy’s Division 2’ is a fun game to play as long as you surpass the obscure controls and the irritating marks that direct your character. You shouldn’t buy this game unless you can get a deal on it for 40 dollars or have some friends to play it with. Despite its flaws, the game is entertaining and gets the player excited to defend Washington D.C.