Sony turns back time with Playstation Classic


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Sony follows the recent success of Nintendo releasing classic version of old consoles with the introduction of the Playstation Classic.

Christopher Sarenana

Sony goes back in time to release their latest console, the PlayStation Classic. Even though this console won’t be released until Dec. 3, you can preorder the console at retailers GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy for $99.

The PlayStation Classic is a new and improved version of the PlayStation One (PS1), which came out in 1999. Previously, Nintendo attempted this concept with the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic (NES) last April, which was a huge hit with fans as it sold out immediately upon its release. Nintendo later followed up with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) due to its success and popularity with fans.

The major talking point on this newly improved PS1 is 45% smaller than the original console. Back in the 90’s, they used RCA hook up (red, white, yellow cables) and this will now be an HDMI port. Unfortunately Sony won’t be implementing the memory cards everyone loved but rather will use the reset button to allow players to suspend a game and come back to it later. This console won’t have a CD-Rom as everything will be digital and also will be adding USB port to the back of the console. This console with have two original PS1 controllers with the four-way directional pad versus the dual analog controller which came out with the second release in 1997 PS1.

This console will come preloaded with 20 classic playstation games on it. Sony has only announced the following games “Final Fantasy VII”, “Jumping Flash,” “Ridge Racer Type 4”, “Tekken 3” and “Wild Arm.”

This is will be a nostalgic experience for all to enjoy.