App of the Month: Organize your movie catalogue to watch anywhere

Movies Anywhere provides with the ability to organize your movies from different services in to one convenient place.

Parampreet Aulakh

“Movies Anywhere” provides with the ability to organize your movies from different services in to one convenient place.

Farah Faiza

Movies Anywhere” is a free platform that allows users to store movies purchased digitally across several streaming services under a single account.

Transactional video on demand is when viewers pay for each movie or show they watch and has grown increasingly popular. This has led to a greater variety of digital retailers, such as iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. However, with all these options and their respective benefits, it’s a hassle to switch back and forth from platforms if there’s different content purchased on each account. This app, a cloud-based service operated by the Walt Disney Company, is able to offer an efficient solution by syncing up the user’s separate accounts and movies in one place.

This digital locker can connect accounts from iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, FandangoNow, Vudu and Microsoft Movies & TV. These movies and any bonus content all appear in the Movies Anywhere app and on those individual accounts that are synced. For example, a movie bought on iTunes will be available on Google Play or any of the other five platforms if they’re synced, which makes it unnecessary to purchase the same movie twice just to have it in one place.

However, only media from Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures are available. Also, as of now, TV shows are not yet able to be streamed. While content will be synced across platforms, Movies Anywhere itself is not a digital retailer and movies still need to be bought through any of the participating platforms.

Additionally, users on this platform are able to redeem digital movie codes that come with eligible DVDs.

The service was originally named Disney Movies Anywhere and was released in 2014, but was revamped as Movies Anywhere in 2017, in order to accommodate movies other than those owned by Disney. The service is available as a website and as an app downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store.