After exploring science, Schaffter retires to explore the country

Mahali Sanchez

Science teacher Stephen Schaffter says goodbye to Daniel Pearl Magnet High School as he heads toward retirement at the end of the school year.

Schaffter started teaching in January of 2000. He joined the magnet program at Birmingham High School in 2001 and from there he remained a part of the magnet program when Birmingham became a charter school.

Schaffter helped create PearlCon with science teacher Jim Morrison, assisted with developing the school safety plan that led to him helping with the emergency plans and helped with the bell schedule. He has been in charge of restorative justice, making the houses and house games.

“I still don’t know who will take over the houses but I am sure that whoever takes over will do a wonderful thing with it,” Schaffter said.

He is very pleased to see what DPMHS has become since the school’s first opening as an independent magnet. Schaffter is happy to see how his teaching methods helps students succeed.

“Mr. Schaffter had a rapport with his students that I don’t think is matched by any other teacher  on this campus,” math teacher Leslie Hicks said. “What Mr. Schaffter has contributed to the school among other things is a chance for his students to feel connected to and really successful at physics and chemistry. Students will miss the way that he helps them understand his teaching methods to grasp the topic.”

It is unknown who will replace Schaffter at the moment, but students will miss the way that he helps them understand his teaching methods to grasp the topic.

“He has helped me with understanding chemistry in a way that I feel like no other teacher would,” sophomore Julissa Jaco said.

Restorative justice was implemented last year due to the district’s push for it to be used as a model for discipline. Next year,  he hopes that it will stay in place so students can have a place to share their feelings.

Schaffter decided to retire this year as it was the earliest he could do it and still get his benefits.  During his retirement, he plans to drive all over the western part of the United States with his wife.

“My wife and I have a trailer and we just want to see all the sights we want to see,” Schaffter said.