Diversity celebrated in 9th annual Daniel Pearl World Music Day


Sam Torres

Junior Jason Echeverria plays the piano during practice for Daniel Pearl World Music Day.

Maria Ruiz and Steven Guzman

Christopher Sarenana and Sam Torres

It’s that time of the year again where the life of the late Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is celebrated.

All over the world, 140 countries take part in the annual celebration of Daniel Pearl World Music Day (DPWMD), not only to honor the slain journalist Pearl but to honor various cultural aspects through music. This year’s DPWMD will be on Oct. 25 at 7 p.m in the MPR. PNN will be live streaming the event. On Oct. 24, there will be dress rehearsals during periods one through six.

“I feel like it’s a chance to express other cultures and to show other people what type of music everyone listens to,”  junior choir member Ximena Renteria said.

The theme this year focuses on celebrating diversity within cultures. Students plan to change it up by singing in multiple languages compared to previous performances. And with it being the ninth year of DPWMD at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, it will be one of the most memorable concerts according to music teacher Wes Hambright.

“Typically, we’ve sung everything in English, so this year we’re going to sing in Tagalog, Spanish, English and do some solo piano and violin by German composers and a piece called Turkish March,” Hambright said.

This year’s performances include old and new faces. However, students are coming in with previous experiences in singing or playing an instrument. Others are performing songs in their native languages such as Tagalog and Spanish.

I want the audience to feel that there’s many different genres as well as languages are (presented),” junior Jason Echeverria said.

With more rehearsals starting after school since Sept. 26, the musicians have had to worry less about missing classes and their grades lowering due to the absences from classes.

“We’re doing more after-school rehearsals and trying to keep from bringing people out of class to a minimum and especially in this stage since we’re a couple weeks away,” Hambright said.

With DPWMD approaching, Hambright has members of the band and choir practice in his room after school to ensure the performance is perfect. For weeks, they’ve been going over the tempo and trying to improve their pitch. The musicians have been rehearsing with zeal and devotion in efforts to be ready for the big day.

“I love participating for World Music Day,” said Echeverria, who will be singing. “It truly brings out the best in everyone, including me. (I) honestly love how you go pour your heart out for everyone and leave everything on the stage.”