Editorial: The freedom of the press is a necessity to our society



Since President Trump has entered office, he’s made multiple attacks at media outlets claiming they’re “fake news.”

Following President Donald Trump’s numerous attacks on media outlets by labeling them as “fake news,” multiple media sources have joined together to stand against his name-calling.

The idea to publish these editorials on Aug. 16 was first spearheaded by The Boston Globe in order for media outlets to unite and hopefully educate readers to understand how wrong it is for the president to attack the First Amendment, specifically the freedom of the press.

As a student-run publication, we fully support this movement as the public should understand that the media is not the enemy. The free press is necessary to a free society as it sees that those in power are held accountable for their actions. They use facts to validate their stories to ensure that the truth is told. Other student media publications such as our own, also do the same as we are held to the same accuracy standards in reporting.

However, it is not shocking Trump would constantly attack the media, as he frequently finds it difficult to tell the truth. Just recently, Trump claimed to have created more jobs for African-Americans compared to President Barack Obama. Though this was proven false by Bloomberg News since under Trump only 700,000 jobs were added and held by African-Americans, while 3 million jobs were added and held under Obama. Unsurprisingly, his own wary behavior even led to his own Justice Department to hire an independent counsel to investigate him.

Yet his actions still influence the American public to see the media as an enemy. This should not be the case since America has stood as a symbol to others around the world as the ultimate sign of liberty. Our very own Constitution includes the freedom of the press for a reason. The Founding Fathers understood why a voice is needed to mediate between both the governed and the governing.

We hope this movement will encourage the public to understand how dangerous it is to try and take down a pillar in which helps this country stand, and how it goes against America’s very own core beliefs.