Boys lacrosse put its sticks to rest

Jade Ajileye
Senior Alberto Serrano prepares to defend against his teammates during a practice at Birmingham Community Charter High School.

Weeks of conditioning, endless drills and getting hit constantly with lacrosse sticks has paid off with a successful season for the Birmingham Community Charter High School boys varsity lacrosse team.

“Overall this season, I was very satisfied because we had so many new players join the sport,” varsity captain Alberto Serrano said. “They picked up the game quickly and helped us accomplish this positive record.”

After a long season, the boys varsity lacrosse team has finally come to an end. The team finished with a respectable record of 10-7, placing third in playoffs.

This year has brought more challenges. Rookies to the team were forced to step up their game and contribute in order to have a smooth season. These new players began to learn the basics of lacrosse and see what it takes to play. They also begin to instill consistency and determination into their mentality.

Although they came up short  of their goal of reaching championships this season came up short, all players were happy with the accomplishments of the team this year.

The team’s performance this season has positively stood out from their past. In order to improve Birmingham’s reputation of having a good lacrosse program, the team must maintain its performance next year.

The future of this team looks bright as these up and coming players have the potential to reach great heights. The seniors, who have unfortunately played their last season for Birmingham, have no worries that this team will pick up where they left off.

“I’m very confident for this upcoming roster for the lacrosse team because they are mostly  freshman and sophomores,” Serrano said. “This is a time for them to play club and take advantage of the practices to better themselves.”