Creativity is inspiration for upcoming Spring Concert


Since last semester’s performances at Daniel Pearl World Music Day, students have decided switch things up for this year’s Spring Concert on May 3 from 7-9 p.m.

“During the World Music Day performance, everything had to fit into the theme of World Music Day, which is fine,” music teacher Wes Hambright said. “As far as other concerts, I think it’s just if this makes it different than it is then it’s completely student-driven.”

Instead of having a traditional concert with songs that send a message, Hambright has given students an opportunity to self-run this year’s concert. Students participating in the performance came together and eventually voted on the idea of having a “Starry Night” theme.

The audience can expect to hear a wide variety of covers from late 60’s music by Frankie Valli to present day music by Bruno Mars.

The students expect the concert to be fun, exciting and to hope that this becomes just as amazing and successful as previous concert performances.

“We have a Bruno Mars song, we have Adele, we have Panic at the Disco, we have a classic ‘Moon River’,” Hambright said. “It kind of runs the gambit.”

Past concerts have seen their share of setbacks. This year’s main issue tends to be the corporation between the singers and the students from the band. This is a minor set back but eventually the students put aside their differences to master their performances. Individuals also practice at home as the date approaches quickly.

  “We’re practicing as a group every day during class,” junior Jared Medrano said,  “In terms of my solos, I like to go home and practice them at home and try my best not to scream and annoy my parents.”