‘Flamin’ Hot’ Cheetos move from their bag to the big screen


Daniela Dixon

It’s official. The addicting spicy chips known as Hot Cheetos, will soon become a movie telling the story behind the founder, Richard Montanez and his success with his booming business.

The movie “Flamin Hot” will be produced by DeVon Franklin and Fox Searchlight. The film will be showcasing Montanez before his success and what his life was like as a migrant farm worker who quit school due to his struggles with English. The upcoming movie shows how Montanez had always been the odd one out, attending an all-white school where he stood out the most. At the young age of 12, he didn’t know it yet but getting a job as a janitor for the Frito-Lay plant would eventually be the start of a successful future.

One day, there was a malfunction at the factory and some of the Cheetos came out without their cheesy powder. That’s when Montanez took action and experimented with them. He says he got the creative idea of applying chili to a plain cheeto when he saw a man making elotes. He got the chance to present his creation and the rest is history.

Screenwriter Lewis Colick is set to be the main writer for the script including assistance from Montanez. Samuel Rodriguez will be the executive producer for this film. There has not been a release date mentioned and a director has not been mentioned yet.

If you want to see how this addicting snack was brought to life, then make sure to keep an eye out for new updates regarding the film.