Get ready to book it to the book fair

Daniela Dixon

An abundance of colorful front covers and intriguing stories will be showcased for all to look at, at this exciting event being held inside of the library this month.

“Ms. Smith had told me that she really wanted a book fair, so we’re doing one,” Librarian Greta Enszer said.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the school library on March 16th-23rd for students and staff to come and explore the variety of books available. There will be many genres of books available to choose from such as romance novels, action and MANGA. Activity books and quirky stationery items will also be available in a variety of shapes and sizes sure to fit your preference.

A book fair hasn’t been organized since the previous librarian Tammi Celi held one in 2014. Current librarian, Enszer hopes this fair turns out to be a school wide success. The library will be open all day during the week and students can go during nutrition and lunch to purchase their items.

The hours for the book fair will go from 7:30am-3:30pm on Monday and Friday. It will also be open during Open House on Thursday March 22.

“I think it’s pretty cool that our school is doing something like this,” sophomore Katharina Hanna said. “It’s good that they’re encouraging students reading.”

Along with the book fair there is also a reading challenge that all grade levels can participate in. The goal is to get all 400 students to participate and have a total of 72,000 reading minutes. Enszer’s goal is to get students excited about reading and hopes that this turns into a positive outcome. May 4th is the date when the challenge ends and the winners will be selected on May 11th. The prizes include a $25 gift card, family pack of tickets to a museum, a set of books and will be invited to a Reading Challenge ceremony.

“Much of the reading in today’s society is compulsive,” Enszer said. “ We have 400 students so usually you want one book per student, but if students can buy hot cheetos, I would rather get students addicted to reading.”