Lady patriots start season with new goals

Mirabelle Chernick

Jade Campbell
A Birmingham player defends the goal as other player throws the ball during a game.

After strenuous three-hour daily practices for the upcoming water polo season, the Lady Patriots stole their first win of the season.

Birmingham community Charter High School’s Junior Varsity team conquered Notre Dame in an 11-4 victory.

First-time freshmen players Amelia Sanchez, Petra Vass and Julissa Jaco were all significant contributors to their team’s effort.  Regardless of their team’s recent successes, all three players are steadfast in their ambitions to improve in both strength and agility.

“I really love the sport and competition because of the good exercise and the support of my team,” said Jaco, who plays defense.

Due to the fact that the city of Los Angeles does not officially recognize JV water polo, the girls on the JV team often get the chance to play for Birmingham’s Varsity team.

According to head coach Stacy Smith, both Vass and Sanchez have spent significant time on Varsity.

The JV season will end in mid-February at playoffs.

“Our team’s great communication is what will help us win,” Sanchez said.