‘Everyday’ is a new life

Angel Van Horn

Every Day,” a popular novel by David Levithan, revolves around a spirit who wakes up everyday in a different body, has been adapted and will be released as a movie Feb. 23.

Not knowing where or who they will wake up as next, “A,” a wandering spirit, After 24 hours of being a particular person is still in love with the same girl Rhiannon(Angourie Rice). “A” is not exactly a real existing person but inhabits a body and takes over the characteristics of that person.

The upcoming movie is not afraid to highlight the LGBTQIA community considering “A” wakes up as a female several times and continues to have a relationship with Rhiannon. Rhiannon eventually adjusts to this inevitable situation of her lover but soon falls into distress for not knowing who to love.

There are days for “A” that are simple and other days “A” is trying to figure out a way to see their girlfriend since it is never guaranteed where or who they will wake up next.

The fantasy/drama film, rated pg-13, depicts how universal love is and how taking things for granted leads you to treasure what you’ve had all along.