Earn money one step at a time with Sweatcoin



Sweatcoin rewards its users with currency redeemable for a variety of prizes.

Christine Valenzuela

Sweatcoin joins a growing amount of fitness apps that reward its users for physical activities they’ve completed.

The London-based app, Sweatcoin, is a fitness tracker app that converts your outdoor steps into Sweatcoins, or digital money. You simply download the app onto your mobile device and begin walking outside.

For every 1,000 steps completed, you are rewarded with about one sweatcoin, which you can accumulate to redeem real-life fitness related products and services. To redeem these products, you must print a coupon provided by Sweatcoin and show it to any participating stores.

The app allows users to view the amount of steps other people have completed on a leaderboard as well as their ranking. Sweatcoin provides users with the ability to add friends and compete with them based on the amount of steps they’ve taken.

User profiles provide information on how many steps have been taken over the past week, month or day. The amount of sweatcoins you currently have can be seen on the profile page.

Newcomers to the app start at the mover membership level where you are limited to 5,000 steps a day. With more sweatcoins, users are able to purchase membership levels which increases the amount of steps you are limited to.

Sweatcoin is free to download on Android and Apple devices, with no advertisements. The creators of this app hope to promote a more physically fit and active lifestyle by motivating its users with redeemable gifts.