Finding the perfect inexpensive gift for anyone

Jade Campbell

Trying to lower holiday spending yet maximize gift satisfaction? Here are a few affordable options that anyone on your gift list will love.


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Watches make a great gift this holiday season and make a practical and stylish accessory to accompany any outfit. Watches can be purchased in a variety of stores such as Michaels, where they cost $5.


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Holiday-scented Glade candles can be found at Target for $2.99. They come in a wide selection of scents such as Cozy Cider Sipping, Tree Lighting Wonder and Apple Cinnamon, and leave your house smelling like Christmas.


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Another good go-to present for the holidays are socks because everyone appreciates something warm over the winter season. Socks can have different colors, textures and styles to match the owner’s personality. At Walmart, a set of 10 socks cost $9.48.


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A set of earbuds are the perfect gift for any music-lover. On Amazon, Apple earbuds cost $16.99 and can also be purchased at many other stores such as at Target and the Apple Store.


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Stores such as Rite Aid sell holiday-themed popcorn tins for $4 and offer different flavors of popcorn including cheese and caramel. These yummy gift are a great addition to any stocking.

Photo frame

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Photos within a nice photo frame are always a great way to capture and share a memory. Nice yet inexpensive frames could be found at your local Dollar Tree, which offers prices as low as $12.