Uneaten food planned to be donated to food banks with passing of new law

Maria Ruiz

Richard Mendiola
The food uneaten on campus will be able to be donated to food banks and other organizations instead of throwing it all away.

In schools across California, tons of food are wasted daily but a new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will allow that food to be donated to food banks.

“Why put things to waste when it could help provide other people with the nutrition they need,” senior Layla Calderon said.

According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times on Sept. 29, “L.A. Unified students toss out $100,000 in food a day. A new state law could donate it to food banks,” 600 tons of food are thrown out everyday. The new law, Senate Bill 557, will permit food to be donated to non-profit food food banks and will instead avoid throwing out uneaten food. The new law will go into effect next year.

At Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, cafeteria manager Kathy Mrasz strives to have as little food waste as possible. She does have to get rid of hot food but anything cool, such as salads and fruit, are served again the next day. In order to minimize the amount of uneaten food on campus, she steers clear of certain foods that are unpopular with students.

“I try very hard not to have any waste,” Mrasz said. “I do not make tuna sandwiches because I know kids don’t like it and instead make grilled cheese.”