‘Macbeth’ play tackles mental health issues

Rosa Lemus and Maria Ruiz


A massively eerie and intense vibe was felt all throughout the room as students entered the MPR and saw people sitting in electric chairs.

“I was a little scared because I saw a weird girl laughing on a chair and she scared me,” freshman Om Patel said. “At first I thought she was actually crazy. It was so creepy.”

On Oct. 9, Dean Productions Theatre Company presented a rendition of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” to freshmen and sophomores.

This was Dean Production’s fourth performance of “Macbeth” since its opening on Sept. 30. So far, they have opted to perform in parks and small schools because they believe it to be far more intimate and interactive.

“If it’s more interactive, then kids learn more and get into it,” cast member Lauren Henning said.

Macbeth is a Scottish general who hears word from three witches that he will soon be king. Struck with ambition and greed, Macbeth and his wife plan to kill King Duncan. Guilty and paranoid, Macbeth and his wife begin to slowly go insane, causing them to be sent to a mental asylum.

“Everyone has ambitions and goals,” cast member LaMont Hendrix said. “We’re trying to give a view of what dangerous ambitions can do and to be wary of thoughtless ones.”

The group also hopes to bring awareness to mental health and show people that the matter is not a joke or something to be made fun of. They want to be a part of eliminating mental health stigma. They hope that the coming generations get to understand the importance of mental health awareness.

“This is the first generation speaking about mental health,” Henning said. “It’s great to finally see people acknowledging it as a problem.”