Online editorial: Enhancing our online presence

The online publication finished this year exceptionally well. The goal of uploading the website daily with good content and enticing photos was just one of the things we’ve achieved this year.

The point of this year’s effort was to improve the website in all capacities and we achieved that. We were able to take another mile and were able to create quizzes and themed playlists which was another target for the publication.

We were awarded first place in the California All-Stars contest by the Southern California Journalism Education in March. On top of this generous award, the website also earned Multimedia and Excellence in Writing badges by School Newpaper Online (SNO).  

One of the expectations I had from our staff was for them to want to write for the online publication and to share their work. I wanted them to show pride for their work and promote it on social media because it would attract more people to the publication. In the end, it is something that we as a staff need to work on.

Overall, I’m very proud of how the online publication was ran this year. Of course, there were some setbacks and a plentiful amount of trial and error, but it came up with a beautiful result.

As Online Editor In Chief, I came into this year with high hopes and new ideas for the website. I wanted to uphold the good reputation of the website seeing as the website is not new to winning awards so I knew that coming in, I would have to hit the ground running. And we attained it. I’m very proud and honored to be able to participate in The Pearl Post publication.