Volunteer opportunities for summer

Alice Curran

Summer. To most students this means a time of extended relaxation, but it is also the perfect time to get involved in your community. Volunteer opportunities are everywhere and can range from an afternoon at a food bank to weeks of reading to children at your local library. Here are a few local options to check out.

Animal shelter– While there are hundreds of shelters to volunteer at, Best Friends Animal Society offers various opportunities. Simply make an account, create a volunteer profile, sign a few forms and once you receive an email conformation, you can begin volunteering.

YMCA– The YMCA offers opportunities for people of all ages to experience development and responsibility. People can help out with sports, the nursery, fitness, or tutoring. There is also a special section on their application on for teen volunteers

Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL)– You must be from age 14 to 19 in order to volunteer at most branches of LAPL and commit to a minimum of 20 hours. The tasks available here range from suggesting reading material to planning teen programs.

Beach clean-up– Beach clean-ups are often teenagers’ go-to place to volunteer, and for a good reason. If you attend one of Heal the Bay’s clean-ups, you can spend two hours picking up trash and the rest of the day relaxing at the beach.

Food Bank– The L.A. Regional Food Bank provides food to thousands of people every week. You must be at least 14 to volunteer. The L.A. Food Bank is looking for people who are willing to sort, clean and repackage delivered food.

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