Students pool their talents in swim team

Sophomore Ben Sanchez handles the ball in a water polo game in the fall.

April Serrano

Sophomore Ben Sanchez handles the ball in a water polo game in the fall.

Cuyler Huffman and Daniela Dixon

Strength. Athleticism. Agility. These are all characteristics that successful swimmers possess. They are also descriptions of three swimmers who have made quite an impact on their swim teams.

Gabriella Angos, for example, performed so well, she was moved up to varsity as a freshman for league play.

While many would give Angos a perfect score when evaluating her performance in the pool, she thinks she still has much room for improvement.

“Seven out of 10 because I’m a freshman, “ Angos said.

Also on varsity is sophomore Ben Sanchez, who decided to pursue swimming in his freshman year of high school, but has been swimming for four years.

He enjoys the competitive aspect of swimming, but also enjoys the fun parts. Being a part of the varsity swim team requires continuous practice on strokes and techniques.

“The 200  freestyle is my best stroke and the breaststroke is my worst,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez also came in 5th place in the boys varsity 500 yard freestyle event at this year’s  Los Angeles City Swim Finals with a time of 4:58:76.

Even though it’s senior Joanne Taborda’s last year on the swim team, she has made every stroke count.

Swim has been a part of Taborda’s life for seven years. Her next big splash will be in college and she already has an idea of what she will be doing.

“I want to take some time off from swim, but still have it around me,” said Taborda. “I am majoring in interior design and one day would like to design a pool.”