Club Corner: New Fashion Club up next on club runway

In this day and age, fashion plays an important role in many teenagers’ lives. Sophomores Anais Weinstock and Alyssa Cancio find fashion trends important to share with students, as fashion is a form of self expression.

“Alyssa and I love fashion, so we decided to create this club,” Weinstock said. “We also wanted others to learn how to make their own clothes and learn how to express themselves through what they wear.”

Weinstock and Cancio started Fashion Club to teach fellow students about fashion and how to create clothing. The main goal at the moment is to teach students how to sew, by both hand and machine. In the near future, club members plan on making full articles of clothing and work on smaller projects, such as making jewelry.

The club was inspired by President Weinstock’s and Vice President Cancio’s passion for fashion. By the end of the school year, they hope to get more students interested in fashion designing and teach them how to make clothes.

Every Monday, Cancio teaches club members about sewing and making pieces of clothing while Weinstock shows how to put together different items to make a fashionable outfit on Wednesdays.

The required materials come mainly from Cancio and Weinstock, as they’ve been working on similar types of projects for the last three years. Other club members also contribute by bringing in pieces of fabric and materials needed to sew.

Another main component of the club is teaching students about different fashion trends, both old and recent. This part will be guided mainly by Weinstock as she is focused more on that topic.

Weinstock and Cancio created the club in part to help students build their confidence in the clothing they wear.

“Teaching others about fashion can help boost confidence and reassure them that anyone can take up a style,” Cancio said. “We want people to not be afraid to express themselves.”