School wide beautification scheduled for May 13


Ilana Gale

A volunteer sets mulch in a potted plant during last year's Sparkle Saturday event.

In an effort to clean up the campus, the school will be hosting Sparkle Saturday on May 13.

The event will run from 8:30 in the morning until one in the afternoon. Volunteers are welcome to stay for the whole event or just a part of it. The main goal of the event is to make the campus a more inviting place alongside its beautification.

The event will be open to students, parents, staff and community members.

Volunteers plan on freshening up the campus with new plants, decorating certain areas with mulch and cleaning out old storage bins. Shovels, brooms, gloves and other tools will be supplied by the district to those who come.

If you are interested in helping, stop by at DPMHS on Saturday along with family and friends to help beautify the campus and make it a more welcoming place.