Poetry slam performances feature hidden talents


Daniela Guzman

Junior David Palacios, sophomore Emely Felix and senior Katie Lashley recite their classic poem “Television” by Roald Dahl.

Ani Kocharyan and Winter Rawson

Michael Chidbachian

As junior David Palacios, sophomore Emely Felix and senior Katie Lashley walk toward the front of the stage, the audience eagerly awaits to hear them recite their classic poem “Television” by Roald Dahl.

“I love the connections that we make with each other,” Lashley said. “You get to understand others on a deeper level.”

On March 30, 44 students from all grades and English teacher Ron Baer recited their poems in the Multi-Purpose Room to the ninth and 10th grade students. Baer and Get Lit poets decided to host this event in order for them to practice with a bigger audience and to get more students interested in poetry.

Weeks before the event occurred, English teachers assigned their freshman and sophomore students to memorize a poem from the hundreds they were provided with. After practicing them, the students recited their poems in front of their class and the top few poets were then selected to perform. Other students who weren’t picked also received the opportunity to sign up to perform.

Felix, Palacios and Lashley will be going to the Classic Slam on April 20 at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, an event in which students recite their poems on the national level. Sophomore Amanda Jimenez and juniors Jade Ajileye and Lisset Bayardo will also be competing at the event along with their fellow poets.