App of the Month: Word Cookies!

Richard Mendiola

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Challenge your vocabulary and discover new words with the app “Word Cookies!”

Created by BitMango, “Word Cookies!” is a game where players fill in boxes with words by making use of the various letters presented to them on a baking sheet. Players are to come up words with the given letters to them.

The goal of the game is simple; drag your finger to combine letters to make different words. The app will let players know if the created words are valid or not valid. The words are highlighted with the corresponding colors: valid – green and not valid – red.

Extra words are words that players obtain that are not used in the level. Theses extra words that players find award them coins. Players also receive coins by logging into the game daily. These coins are used to help players in the form of hints.

If a player is having trouble figuring out words, they can spend 25 coins for a one letter hint. Players have access to unlimited hints, but must have sufficient funds if they decide to rely on hints.

There are 11 stages in the game for players to beat. In total he app contains over 580 levels and counting, due to updates that will be coming to the app.

With the multiple stages and levels provided, players are sure to take a while before completion. There is no time limit  and players are allowed to return to their previously played level. There are levels known as “Special levels,” which are bonus levels that players unlock by completing levels.

“Word Cookies!” is free to play on Android and on iOS devices.