App of the Month: Confide

Alice Curran

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It’s no longer necessary to worry about deleting conversations or to be worried of someone screenshotting your private messages. The app Confide is a confidential messenger that redefines what a private conversation is.

Confide was created with the purpose of bringing privacy and security to individuals and businesses. The founders, Howard Lerman and Jon Brod built the app in hopes to find a better way to communicate digitally. They also believe that everything people say online should not have a digital record.

With the app, messages that users send self-destruct after they are read. It’s also impossible to screenshot, forward, or archive messages.

Screenshots are prevented by removing the recipient from the conversation if they attempt to screenshot it, as well as notifying the sender. The confide website describes the app as having “Military Grade Encryption.”

Despite how it sounds, the extreme security of the app is not magic. It’s possible due to the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which prevents any attack by another person.  

Confide can be used on multiple platforms including, iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, Windows, Mac and Siri. The app is free but offers special features for $15 a month. These features are message retraction, special themes and other various elements that are ideal for businesses and teams.

Currently, Confide has a majority rating of five stars in the App Store. The reviews commend the app for its convenience and authentic security.  

Whether it’s for business, politics, or simply friendly conversation, Confide is the ideal app for private communication.