Boys soccer shoots for victory again

Steven Guzman

Rachel Bullock
Varsity player Adonis Arevalo dribbles the ball to keep it away from his opponent during practice.

With an undefeated streak, junior varsity soccer player Kevin Garcia is confident that they will keep up the good work this season.

“We are undefeated in the season so far,” Garcia said. “We played against five teams in brackets and we are going to play again.”

Last season, the Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) Patriots junior varsity team had an outstanding 16 wins and 5 losses. Some of these wins were against Granada High Charter School, Taft Charter High School and Chatsworth High School. With all these wins,  junior varsity player Adonis Arevalo is sure that they will do good next season.

Arevalo has been on varsity soccer since 10th grade and he admits that training mainly consists of possession, grid, running and formation.

“We have been dominating all games,” Arevalo said. “We hope to keep up the work in the next five games.”

Having a strong mentality and a good heart is the key to keeping up all these wins, according to Arevalo. Inner strength to keep playing is what truly matters out in the field.

“You have to have compassion when you enter the field,” Garcia said. “You need a lot of heart.”

Aside from wins, some of the team’s goals are to take away possessions from the opposing team to stop them from scoring and to socialize with one another so they can be able to coordinate better as a team.

“I plan to communicate more with my mid-fielders and defenders,” Garcia said. “I also plan to go physical against opposing players.”