Students invited to unique performance that intertwines dance and architecture

Ani Kocharyan

On Jan. 27, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is invited to Birmingham Community Charter High School to watch a performance by DIAVOLO.

Founded in 1992, DIAVOLO’s mission is “to further the transformative style of Architecture in Motion by providing dance performances, training, and community programs for all.”

Performances by DIAVOLO are meant to resemble a large abstract painting. It’s a mixture of ballet, martial arts, modern dance, everyday movement, gymnastics and hip hop.

The organization utilizes a team of dancers, designers, choreographers and engineers to convey how people are affected by the spaces they inhabit.

Jaques Heim is the artistic director and founder of DIAVOLO. He creates each piece using a small scale version of the setting. His creation is then built into a full scale work of art and is later performed by the dance team.

The DIAVOLO Institute captivates the community through dance, interactive movement, trust, teamwork and individual expression to promote creative education.

With a backdrop consisting of adaptations of everyday items such as sofas, doors and stairs, the team presents dramatic performances, displaying metaphors for the challenges of human relationships in modern environments.