First Winter Show brings warmth to the holidays

Olivia Bullock and Rachel Bullock

One may think that the winter show, occurring only weeks after Daniel Pearl World Music Day, would be overwhelmingly stressful and nerve wracking for everyone.

One would be dead wrong.

“It’s been a lot,” music teacher Wes Hambright said. “It was a quick turn around, but fun at the same time.”

The first Daniel Pearl Winter Show was Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. It included all kinds of holiday songs, such as “Silent Night,” “Dreidel Song” and “Let it Go.”

Being at the performance was more like a cozy holiday party that the audience was invited to.

“We just want to have fun and perform for our parents,” senior Evelyna Papoyan said.

Fun was exactly what everyone was having. Along with cozy atmosphere caused by the living room decorated stage, audience members were encouraged to clap along with the choir and enjoy themed refreshments like cookies and hot cocoa. The festive decorations and all around smiles made the room feel relaxed and happy, as if everyone were part of one big family.

“It feels fun and exciting to be a part of a new show,” said freshman Emiliano Cruz, who played the guitar during several songs. “I like Christmas.”

On the final high note of the last song, “Let it Go,” gift boxes hanging from the ceiling burst, showering the crowd with snow-like confetti and glitter. Even Hambright joined in the action. As he thanked the audience for coming, students showered him with silly string and confetti poppers.