‘I am proud to be…’

April Serrano

We went around our school to ask students why they are proud of their race and/or religion. This is who we found:

“I am proud to be Jewish because we have come so far as a whole from being tormented that how we are building our way back up and accepting us now from back then.”

– Jaime Timsit, senior, Jewish.

“I am proud to be Catholic because their is nothing wrong with being who you are and I love my culture.”

-Adelina Delao, sophomore,  Mexican and Catholic.

“I am proud to be Filipino because we are a very prideful nation. And we express ourselves a lot.”

-Jonas Acebes, senior, Filipino.

“I am Israeli and Russian and I’m proud because I’m really religious.”

-Sean Gaft, junior, Israeli and Russian.

“I am proud to be Lebanese because they can party hard.”

-Rami Chaar, freshman, Lebanese.

“I am proud to be Mexican/Spanish because it’s unique in its own way with its music and culture. The music just wants to make you get up and dance, I love it.”

-Aimee Guzman, freshman, Mexican/Spanish.

“I am proud to be half black and half white because this is how I am made and I wouldn’t want to be made any other way.”

Marcus Rapier, sophomore, black and white. 

“I am proud to be Mexican because I like the culture that comes with being Mexican.”

-Samantha Freyre, junior, Mexican.