Students need to show school spirit on campus


Very few freshman students attended the freshman class elections where class representative nominees spoke to fellow peers, providing a glimpse into the low enrollment at this school.

Alice Curran

Very few freshman students attended the freshman class elections where class representative nominees spoke to fellow peers.


While some high schools have various events celebrating their school spirit, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School students often lack that enthusiasm because of our small size. But there are several ways to change this attitude.

“We need more spirit days and we need to involve people in our school more,” said freshman Keona Paniagua.

Typical social events that display school spirit are energetic pep rallies, dances and game nights. Students at DPMHS are able to attend Birmingham Community Charter High Schools’ events but this does not inspire much school spirit here.

Even though DPMHS is an incredibly small school, there are numerous opportunities to show school pride. Students are always coming up with new ideas to make the social scene more engaging.

“One event mentioned last year was a triathlon and another was doing Easter baskets and maybe themed events for different holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah,” junior class president Nikita Opel said.

It’s important for everyone to participate in the events that are being held, such as school house activities and Fiesta Fridays. When dances are organized, they often get canceled because not enough students purchase tickets. Fiesta Fridays and school dances are important ways our school raises money for the activities going on around campus. The more students participate in these events, the better they will be.

“People at this school talk so poorly about the events that go on, so I think that people need to talk highly of the events and we need to have more events, like school dances,” senior Jamie Timsit said.

Although, without the help and encouragement from teachers and faculty, it can be harder for the student body to set up these events. The more students and teachers work together, the more school spirit the school will have.

Students have come up with really creative ideas, but they struggle to follow through with them. This is often because of lack of support from faculty and limited student participation.

“I think we should have a day where everyone wears school colors and another one where we have house parties,” freshman Sam Torres said.

If everyone at DPMHS works together to set up these various events, it would further inspire students to participate more actively in school. Which would lead to better high school experiences for everyone.

It’s also necessary for DPMHS to balance rigorous academic standards with an active social scene. Spirit events are a great way for students to de-stress and socialize. Increased school spirit would allow students, teachers, and faculty to create a positive school community.

“I think it builds a sense of community and belonging. Students like to see teachers supporting what they’re doing. We need to be the models of our school,” Principal Deb Smith said.

If everyone at school becomes motivated enough to organize school spirit events and actively participates in them, DPMHS would become a more united community.