App of the Month: Sit With Us


Screenshot by Ani Kocharyan

Ani Kocharyan

Hang out with someone new at lunch with the help of Sit With Us, a new app that helps students make new friends.

Natalie Hampton, a 16-year-old student in Sherman Oaks, California, created Sit With Us after years of being bullied. After knowing that she wasn’t the only one who’s had to face harassment was the reason why she felt this app was necessary.

With the app, students can volunteer as ambassadors and post open lunches which sends a notification to people looking for a place to sit. Locations, like “the lunch table” or a specific room number, can be inputted to help students find the event.

Once in the app, students can upload photos, add descriptions of events, add dates and times and message friends. In order to find friends with similar interests, students can add tags ranging from music genres to various school subjects.

The app launched on Sept. 9 and has been getting positive reviews. Hampton is working on an Android version of the app and recommends a low-tech version for students without an iOS device at school. With the app, students no longer have to face the fear of rejection because the app is there to provide every student with the reassurance of acceptance.