Student expression welcomed on lockers

April Serrano

In spirit of the new year, confusion has concerned students around over locker decoration policies.

Students decorate their lockers to celebrate birthdays and to express themselves.

Students believed that they are not permitted to decorate their lockers this year. A new policy from Principal Deb Smith states that stickers with adhesive that can leave a residue on the lockers are not permitted. However tape and other forms of decorations are allowed.

“Students are permitted to add decorations to their lockers just not ones that will leave residue on the lockers,” Principal Deb Smith said.

Students in the past decorated their lockers as a form of creativity and individuality. Many decorations and layouts included favorite bands, celebrities and television show characters.

On special occasions friends would decorate another’s locker for a birthday or special event. This was the students’ way of expression and showing their creative side or just their personality.

“I like having locker decorations because it shows a student’s creativity,” senior Erica Mallari said.