Fall into Fall in style

Anais Weinstock



Autumn is here and a new season means new trends in colors, patterns, and apparel. As the leaves begin to fall and transition into vibrant shades of burnt reds and orange it’s time to clean out your summer florals and pastels. With this style guide, no matter your preference of dressing up or down, you will be prepared for the new fashions of the fall season.

Women Fashion-Outfit 1

Meet the romper, the younger and carefree sister of the jumpsuit. They have shorts attached to them instead of pants like the jumpsuit. Since fall weather in California does not dramatically change from the previous season, base your outfit off of this cool and stylish choice. Add a necklace that will make a bold statement as well as a pair of platform boots to complete this simple, yet trendy look. If it happens to be a cooler day, put on a bomber jacket, which have always been a fall essential. Of course there are thousands and thousands of different designs and colors that all of these pieces come in. According to the Pantone Color Institute, consider incorporating the trending fall colors this year including, burnt oranges, pale grays and blues, rose pink, emerald, mustard yellow, and rust into this outfit to join in the fall spirit.

Women Fashion- Outfit 2

Wanting to stay casual this fall season, no need to worry this outfit will tend to your preference of staying chic in a comfort and effortless style. Since the look is rather plain, the focus will be toward making sure the colors are compatible with each other. The bottom part of the outfit will be where most of the attention will be directed to. Fashion icons  state that embroidered denim is making a big  statement this fall season. If this particular trend is hard to find or over your budget, try to incorporate embroidery in any garment you can find. Flouncy, pale blue shorts accented with white embroidery and a slightly decorated white, long sleeve top in the same color as the embroidery is one way to incorporate popular fall colors with trendy patterns. To go along the platform trend like in outfit one, pick up a pair of platform sneakers to complete this outfit. The extra height may be too daring for some; plain Converse is another alternative.  No accessories are needed, for you will be all ready for a relaxing fall afternoon.

Men Fashion-Outfit 1

Even guys can look fall ready for the upcoming season. Although some fall colors are the same for men and women, most are not. According to, We Connect Fashion, trending colors for men include pale blue, ginger, toned down chartreuse, charcoal grey, ivory, and copper. To include some of these colors into your outfit, a pale blue collared shirt will add a pop of color underneath a thick, dark, charcoal, leather jacket. If wanting to add a geometric feature to the top portion of your look, go for a collared shirt that has a checkered design since squares are in style this season for men. Since the leather jacket will give off a powerful, dark, and dominant appearance, for the bottoms wear a pair of white jeans because the contrast will return the emphasis to the jacket. No need to tuck the shirt into the jeans. Add a pair of textured, metallic slip-ons to shine out of the crowd.

Men Fashion-Outfit 2

The second outfit is less on the trendy side, but is a lot easier to achieve and still incorporates the checkered print and the popularity of dark fall colors. Light wash ripped jeans, plain black sneakers, and a checkered, burgundy, collared shirt makes a casual fall outfit that any guy can rock.