Media bias misleading public’s view

Michael Chidbachian

As election day comes closer and closer, people have started to gain interest on

Fox News is a common media outlet that is known for being politically and racially bias.

Fox News is a common media outlet that is known for being politically and racially bias.

what’s happening and who should become the next president. However, this is becoming an issue since information is purposely taken out of context to favor one side or to attack the other. This is terrible as not only does it misinform people on important topics, but it can lead them into voting for a president who can cause misfortune for many families and potentially harm the country.

One of the most famous networks that are known to do this is Fox News. Almost every news segment has reporters who constantly favor people from the Republican Party and bash on Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton. For all viewers of their shows, it is obvious that they rarely say anything positive about Democrats. With the elections coming soon, people will be voting and if they don’t see the whole story, then they can be making a mistake in who they’re voting for.

Jesse Watters, a reporter who works at Fox, frequently goes on the streets and interviews people on hot topics that are debated nonstop. During the interviews on July 27,nearly all the people he encountered were uneducated and didn’t know much about what was truly happening . Some people just had a strong hatred toward certain politicians while others presented facts that were deemed false. It’s so sad to know that people are getting wrong facts from sources like Fox News and other outlets. They will be voting in September, making it harder for the better candidate to win, if there even is one.

While teenagers may be relying on social media applications for their daily news, including Instagram and Snapchat, they would be surprised about what one company has been accused of doing to their “reliable” source. In an article published on titled “Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News,” allegations have been flying around stating that Facebook’s trending feature has been suppressing topics that many Conservatives would be interested in learning about. News “curators” at Facebook occasionally took out stories from the trending list that favored Republicans and their points of view.

“Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending,” said a former Facebook curator who has remained anonymous.

For years, many sources have been found to be biased toward a certain political party, including Fox, Facebook, MSNBC, CNN  and many other programs and newspapers, according to the Business Insider’s “Here’s How Liberal Or Conservative Major News Sources Really Are.” If the trend continues, which it most likely will, more discoveries would reveal that other reliable news sources have become bias. With all of this misleading information being released to the public, conflict is bound to happen because of this one-sidedness. The country is going through many problems now, and these bias media outlets will only fuel the fire.