Kobe Bryant gets his own day in LA

Brandon Tapia

After an amazing 20 seasons, Kobe Bryant finally gets a day named after him, Aug. 24
After an amazing 20 seasons, Kobe Bryant finally gets a day named after him, Aug. 24

After his amazing basketball career of 18 years, Kobe Bryant earned his own day in the year. The Los Angeles City Council declared Aug. 24, representing his well-known jersey, as Kobe Bryant Day.

The day celebrates Bryant’s the 20 years of participation not only in the NBA but also in the Olympic team in Beijing (2008) and London (2012). The Philadelphia native was first drafted to the New Orleans Hornets in 1996 and later started playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the same year.

“I remember watching Kobe make crazy shots that made me want to do the same,” senior Raul Serrano said. “So ever since I can remember I have played basketball with more drive because of this guy, putting in so much work and to have it payoff is exactly why I love Kobe Bryant. Happy Kobe day,” senior Raul Serrano said.

Selling out at the Staple Center at numerous games for 20 seasons, Bryant was given this day for his outstanding talent but for also for his gift for giving back to the community, starting the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation, which helps out youth and families and encourages them to stay active. From winning five NBA championships for the Lakers program, to winning two gold Olympic medals for the USA’s men’s basketball team and to dedicating a foundation to the community, Bryant has earned this day.

“Kobe is a beast! Happy Kobe Day! Thank you for all the wins, the loses and the adventure,” freshman Christopher Serranana said.

Bryant retired last season (2015-2016) with an incredible career. Ranking at number one of all-time for NBA players who played for a single franchise, Bryant inspired millions on how the play basketball with famous presence on the court.

“I have worked on his shot so much and it works so good,”  freshman Antonio Serrano said.“I have his shoes and I have his gear (Nike collaboration). He’s a monster on the court.”

From far out jump shots behind the three point line and his famous fade away move, people all over have learned so much from this “legend” and he certainly will not be forgotten.  

“Man Kobe?,” senior Kyle Peraza said. “I hate him but that’s just because I know he’s the best out there. There isn’t going to be another (player) like him. I’ve learned a lot from watching him play and all I can say is thank you Kobe.”