YouTuber of the Month: Kaceytron

David Diaz

This month’s Youtuber of the month features Kaceytron. Kaceytron, also known as Kacey, is an “Outspoken League of Legend Professional Gamer.”

Kaceytron commits to uploading videos from her stream to her Youtube channel. Kaceytron is also known as a famous streamer who started to gain popularity in 2013, which is when she started to make her videos. Kacey mostly uploads videos about her reactions and experiences with playing games, awareness for serious issues happening in the world and advice for her viewers. Although having a large amount of harassment for the type of streams and videos she creates, Kacey continues to commit to her fans by streaming and uploading videos.

Kacey has a competitive spirit and a friendly attitude towards her supporters.Although Kacey reveals little about her personal life she is open to telling people that she is from Houston, Texas, everything else is left concealed.