Being a temporary vegan

Jaquelina Tatulyan

Veganism is associated with crazy extremist white people who love animals too much. My temporary veganism has opened my eyes to so much and I’m sure that it would be the same for anyone willing to try it.

In Sophomore year, I began eating a vegan diet for Lent after my friend Karine Malkdzhyan introduced her annual tradition. Since then, I have extended the time frame of my veganism from the usual 40 days of Lent to months. Last year, I began early and ended on Easter. This year I also began early but extended it almost a month since Easter.

COLORED CARTOON vegan jackie
Sheena Gonzalez

Since I have ended that diet, I have stuck to a pescetarian diet, a fish and dairy diet. Although I say I eat a pescetarian diet, I usually stay away from dairy at all costs and have found myself in few situations where I felt like I had to indulge in a good dessert. Over the years, I have become better educated on the vegan diet. It comes with knowledge of vitamins, restaurants with vegan options, the variations of vegetables, the great foods that can be prepared with only vegan options and so much more. It is a learning experience. Since the first time I went temporarily vegan, I have acquired great recipes. Finding something as simple as a replacement to dairy and meat ingredients can make the transition easier.

With all this research also comes the knowledge of every ingredient that is consumed. It made me aware of what I was eating and the amount of calories, protein, sodium, vitamins and nutrients each product contained. My close analysis of ingredients and nutritious information of all food I purchase has continued since the first time I went vegan.

I began to notice my skin clear up within a week, I felt much lighter and I felt more awake. After a month, this only progressed and I lost 10 pounds. The benefits of having a broader knowledge on nutrition is a benefit that lasts forever.

Many people go vegan for the purpose of saving the planet from animal exploitation/suffering, pollution, waste and much more. People also go vegan for weight loss, to avoid developing health issues and have more energy. More information about veganism can be found on on their “Vegan Life” section.

For those who think that the lifestyle is impossible, they would be surprised by the options, knowledge and health benefits that comes with veganism.