Upcoming WASC one-day review

Cristina Jercan

As the school reaches the three year mark of their six year accreditation, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) officials are coming on April 15 for a one day school review.

“Some schools get a few day reviews, ours was just a one day,” English teacher Ron Baer said.

WASC is an association that works in West America and confirms a school’s’ credibility and its accreditation. An accreditation allows for a high school diploma given by that school and a student’s transcripts to be credible. This is critical when applying to college because it makes a student’s credits and high school diploma valid.

Every six years, a school does a self study, assessing their achievements and what they need to work on. DPMHS was given a six-year accreditation in 2013.

“Last time we were given a six year accreditation with a one day mid year re- view, which is considered pretty much the best you can do,” Baer said.

In order to raise awareness about WASC, a focus group was assembled for students. In the classroom, teachers have planned to discuss with students action plans from WASC.

“I think some of the students (know) and some don’t but it’s a whole school effort,” Baer said.