D.I.Y: Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your valentine

David Diaz

Photo by David Diaz

Candy Jar:

A jar full of candy would make anyone smile especially if there were little notes attached to each piece explaining why the recipient is loved. The jar is packed with 50 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with dot stickers, giving the person the ability to show how much their loved one means to their sweetheart.

Photo by David Diaz

Emergency Love Letters:

Writing a letter and giving it to someone when they need a quick boost of encouragement or endearment is a perfect Valentine’s gift. Write a letter to someone so that they can save it for a rainy day. Love letters cost virtually nothing if all the required materials are available.

Love Coupons:

love couponsprint
Photo by David Diaz

Love coupons are a perfect sign of affection. Making these coupons is super easy and does not require much effort into doing it. A love coupon is a coupon to give to someone with a special one-time use that may include a free hug, free dinner date or whatever you decide to offer. Making a love coupon requires paper and some markers. The project should not end up costing more than five dollars.

Photo by David Diaz

Candy Bouquet:

Giving someone candy on Valentine’s Day is overused, but giving someone a candy bouquet screams creativity and thoughtfulness.  Making a candy bouquet requires a mason jar filled with candy, wooden skewers, tape and some king sized candy bars. This project is surprisingly cheap and should only end up costing you about $10.