Have fun with colors through the new app “Color Switch”

Joseph Mousaed

App producer David Reichelt felt accomplished when “Color Switch” reached the number one spot in the top free apps in the App Store.

“Color Switch” is a game based on creativity. A player taps the screen to make the ball jump through its own color. The ball’s color changes every time the ball passes through a color wheel.

“Gmail, oddly enough, inspired my idea for this game,” Reichelt said. “When you log in to Gmail, there is a small color changing ball that is the loading icon.”

Reichelt is a budding app producer and this is his first success.

To produce this app, he had to create a marketable idea and send it to a graphic designer in Indonesia.

The struggles for Reichelt came from communication with the programmers and the other producers, Fortafy Games.

“To this day I cannot write a line of code,” Reichelt said. “I had to fail many times before my first success.”

Reichelt, the creator of “Color Switch,” is color blind. Certain colors are seen differently for him and it is ironic that his famous game is about interactions between colors.

The struggles, however, led to the overwhelming success of this app.

“Color Switch” also reached the top five spot on the Google Play Store charts along with its success on the App Store.

This app has become popular due to its mix of simple design, gameplay and addictiveness.

Challenge mode was released last month which increased popularity.

“I love the color design in ‘Color Switch,’” senior Rosemary Vazquez said. “This app is so addicting and I would recommend it to my friends.”