Adele’s “Hello” breaks records


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Adele’s album “25” will be released on Nov. 20.

Nallely DeLara

After three years on hiatus, singer-songwriter Adele has returned with a new hit single.

Due to the birth of her child in October of 2012, Adele left the music industry to take care of her son.

Right when she released her song “Hello” accompanied with the music video on Friday, Oct. 23, the song skyrocketed and topped the iTunes singles chart in 102 countries.

“Hello” has already been record breaking. The music video gathered 27.7 million views in one day, breaking Vevo’s previous record of 20.1 million views, a record held by Taylor Swift.

The success of her new song may be due to Twitter. Before the release of “Hello” Adele tweeted a letter in which she addressed that at some point in her life, she wasn’t happy with how it was turning out and that’s why all her past albums were filled with “breakup” songs. Later in the letter she made it clear that this is a new chapter in her life and she has learned to think differently about her surroundings. She referred to her new album, “25,” as a “makeup” album.

This of course left not only her fans but everyone on the edge of their seats speculating on what she meant by this and what her new music might bring.

On the same day Adele announced the release date of “25,” over one hundred thousand people in just the U.S preordered it.

Adele’s highly anticipated album “25” will be out on Nov. 20 and will be available on iTunes. Other songs on the album include, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” “All I Ask” and “Sweetest Devotion.”