Meet the new generation of girl’s volleyball

Elsie Morales

Even after getting hit in the face by a volleyball, freshman Hailee Kessler had fun during the tryouts for the girls’ volleyball team.

Junior Lissa Favela sets up to bump the ball
Monica Hernandez
Junior Lissa Favela sets up to bump the ball

The tryouts were held on Aug. 21 at Birmingham’s main gym for girls from DPMHS, Birmingham’s freshmen, Valley Alternative Magnet School, and Magnolia Science Academy.

The coach, Bennet Riley, had the girls practice volleyball drills, such as serving, bumping, and setting. They also played a mini game called Around the World, where the girls were able to practice serving at all six zones, the different positions of the court. Junior Gisellle Rizo was both nervous and excited during her tryout.

“(I felt) the pressure of the coach watching us,” Rizo said.

Junior Lissa Favela attended a different tryout on Aug. 11, which was held for BCCHS students. She went through summer practice at Birmingham with other members of the volleyball team, which gave her more confidence during the tryout.

“My feelings were ranging from really confident to really scared,” she said.

Having been at tryouts before, Rizo finally made it onto the Junior Varsity team as did Favela. Kessler made it onto the Frosh/Soph team. They’ll be playing along senior Michal Francisco (Varsity), junior Erica Mallari (Varsity),  junior Savannah Orrill (Junior Varsity), and freshman Lisette Gonzales (Frosh/Soph). .

The preseason games begin Sept. 16 against John F. Kennedy High School.

“I’m nervous and excited,” Favela said.