Athletes shouldn’t be forced to practice in summer heat

Joseph Mousaed

The overbearing summer heat blazes the green tennis courts while student athletes are practicing.

One of the issues this semester is coaches making their athletes practice in hot weather. Exercising in the San Fernando Valley heat is not advised because it can cause dehydration and a variety of other health problems such as sunburn. One of the reasons for practicing is because the coaches are limited on time to practice with their teams with the constant games this semester. However, this is no excuse to force students to perform rigorous actions in a weather that is far from mild.

One proposal is to have practice after 5 p.m. when the temperature cools down. However, students would have to stay in school until 8 in the evening.

Another idea is practicing indoors as much as possible. For most sports, this is not a problem. For tennis, soccer, football and a variety of other sports, unfortunately, this rarely happens because the sport is primarily played in the outdoors.

Nevertheless, students should never practice outdoors in very high temperature over 95 degress. Coaches need to be considerate of the health of their athletes because in the end, the athletes are the ones who need to be healthy the most.