App of the month: “Shout The Good” measures social media positivity

Anne Lima

With the new popular app “Shout The Good” users get updated on their social media positivity.

Senior Rita Chidbachian using the app "Shout The Good" on her phone
Senior Rita Chidbachian using the app “Shout The Good” on her phone.    Photo by Veronica Godoy.

Now with the free mobile social media app, “Shout The Good,” or “”, it measures how positive you are on social media and the strength of your character with a simple score. The app, created by entrepreneur, CEO/co-founder Payam Zamani and co-founder/actor/director Justin Baldoni from “Jane The Virgin,” is the first social media platform that connects you with friends from multiple social networks. It gives you feedback on the positive social impact you provide online, simply by answering the question “How Good Are You?.”

“Having started multiple Internet companies, including my most recent ‘Shout The Good, I’ve seen firsthand how technology can bring out the best in us,” Zamani wrote in a blog for the Huffington Post titled “The Future of Social Tech — Can a Virtual Reality Be a Virtuous Reality?”

Often the freedom that comes with the internet gets us all “excited” and we become ignorant that what we say or post can really damage our image or hurt someone else’s feelings. The Shout score calculates the level of positivity from all your social media posts and comments and sends you feedback on it. With the ability to connect with friends as well as connect the app to all your social media accounts, you can share with others why they’re amazing. Your shouts, the positive messages you send and receive, basically endorse your friends for their top character traits such as, being creative, loyal, thoughtful, friendly, etc. and help you earn a higher Shout score. You can do this as well by building your own character profile that features your best qualities as confirmed by those who know you best.

We are looked at as the generation who spurred the massive cyber bullying issue and internet-trolls. With this, teens in particular, as much as being the contributors of this, are also the victims of it. However, now with “” we can disprove that and all be in control of ourselves and uplift others to not send or contribute to negative messages or posts. “” is definietly different from most apps that are targeted towards teens.

“We want Shout to be the go-to destination where we can all be reminded of what actually matters in the world. The good,” Baldoni said in an interview with PR Newswire. “To have a place that tells us all of the good our friends and peers think about us is something the world really needs. We always feel better when we hear and see the good and at its core, that’s really what this app is all about.”