Court date set for lawsuit against school district

After a year of its initial petition, James Anthony Scott’s lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District continues.

Scott, who goes by Shear Avory, is a former student who attended Daniel Pearl Magnet High School in the fall semester of 2013.

His trial is set for Sept. 24. Scott’s attorney, Gloria Allred, did not return calls made on May 12 or 22.

Identifying as a non-conforming gay student, he sued LAUSD on June 6, 2014 for not appropriately responding to bullying experienced at DPMHS.

Scott is suing the district on accounts of sexual orientation discrimination, harassment based on sexual orientation and negligence.

He claims to have been called names such as “tranny” and “fagot.” When Scott went to administrators at DPMHS, he said that he was “put down, ignored and at times even mocked,” according to the lawsuit.

The attorney representing LAUSD Valerie Rojas, also did not return calls made on May 12 and 22 or an email sent May 13.

In the recent court documents, LAUSD has requested to subpoena, to bring to court, some of Scott’s mental health records, believing that they could help their case.

However the judge has ruled against this request saying that, “Releasing records could pose psychological and/or psychosocial danger to the (plaintiff)…”

Currently, Scott is attending Opportunities for Learning School in Studio City.