4 new styles to be expecting

Alejandra Aguilera, Entertainment Editor


“Back to the Future” jumped through space and time to enter year 2015. What better way to celebrate the future than by holographic prints? The beauty of this reflective design is seen in its variety. Hologram comes in everything from bags, to edgy tops, platform shoes, bottoms and even sunglasses.


You don’t need to go to Aruba or Ja- maica this summer to have island fever. Fill your wardrobe with essentials like palm trees, Hawaiian flowers and tropical prints. These busy designs can be dressed with more neutral pieces like a thin blazer or open toe-sandals.


As seen in Oscar de la Renta’s new collection, checkered print, or gingham, is the new casual. Store your stripes and plaid for autumn to make room for this new go to item. The light-weight cloth is perfect for picnics with its white and color- ful checkered print. Plus, the design looks like it came right out of an Audrey Hep- burn film.

Fruit Salad

What lives in a pineapple under the sea? The newest trend that is. Fruits are making it into the fashion scene with their explosive taste of summer. Keep an eye out for pineapple, watermelon, peach and strawberry designs since they are available in almost every clothing piece. Sport pineapple sunglasses to funkify outfits or accessorize with a watermelon clutch.