Sports Opinion: Fat, facts, and false advice

Tahra Hunter

The struggle of losing weight is a challenging obstacle, even more so when there’s so many weight loss solutions out in the market.

From taking supplements to trying ridiculous exercise products, it’s hard to tell what really helps you lose weight. The famous Hydroxycut supplements that we see on T.V has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 according to the website Supplement Reviews. And let’s not forget the Sensa, the diet aid that you add to any food making it “healthier” was a big flop with a 5% success rate according to the website Diet Pills Review.

Losing weight isn’t as complicated as it seems to be. Those weight loss advertisements may confuse you, but here’s the truth: even though it’s difficult, exercise and eating right is key to losing weight.

The best way to lose weight is by taking a casual jog or creating a routine that fits your style.

But dieting isn’t any less important as exercise. This doesn’t mean that you should go on those insane diets like the juice diet where you only binge drink fruit juice of only one fruit. This is very unsafe and unhealthy for your body.

There are safe diets such as the Vegan or Vegetarian diets that give good results. The Raw Food diet includes plainly organic food and mainly plant based meals. The Zone diet is purely based on measuring the perfect amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you should have in a day. These diets have proven to be successful  according to overviews given by the U.S. News.

But there’s always the struggle of actually getting out for a run or the temptations of sweets. The only way to get it done is, well, get it done. Motivate yourself to go that extra mile or eat sweet but healthy snacks. Set goals, it’s a way to set yourself up for success. And remember, don’t lose hope and follow through with your goals.