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The right and wrong ways to be a feminist

Farah Faiza

March 15, 2019

Feminism started as a movement to help further rights in terms of equality for women. However, as more barriers have been brought down, more issues have been raised, changing the meaning of the feminist movement. In fact, ...

Editorial: Women are more than their gender

February 4, 2015

Ask someone what the most pressing issue facing society today is and they will probably respond with a cause that has something to do with fostering equality for all. Of the many possible answers, only one seems to have a less...

Sexism is still a problem for women and girls

Meagan Ford

December 16, 2014

Ten hours of walking in jeans and a t­-shirt, no skin showing aside from arms, neck and face. And over 100 times, Shoshana B. Roberts faced comments like “What’s up beautiful,” “How you doing,” and “Hey...

He said: Views on feminism

He said: Views on feminism

December 11, 2014

She said: Views on Feminism

She said: Views on Feminism

December 11, 2014

Madeleine Jefferds – OP-ED: Men must fight new modern standard

October 3, 2013

By Madeleine Jefferds: Despite the strong idea of equality some feminists seem to reflect, I feel in this day in age the Third Wave Feminism is dying out. The definition of feminism should be ‘women are equal to everyone,’ not ...

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