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Track & Field sprints for improvement

Sophomore Keona Paniagua approaches the finish line during a track meet at Birmingham Community Charter High School.
Maria Ruiz April 23, 2018

The Patriots dash across the finish line, marking the beginning of the track and field season. “This season the coaches are focusing on getting us to place higher as a school and gain more points,”...

Lady Patriots prepare for their best shot

Shooting guard Keona Paniagua shoots the ball during a practice at Birmingham Community Charter High School.
Karina Mara December 15, 2017

The junior varsity girls basketball team continues to work hard during practices after a good start, bringing home a win on its first preseason game. After several months of practice, Birmingham...

Lady Patriots lose all season games so far, high hopes for next season

Sophomore Keona Paniagua blocks an opposing hit during the Birmingham Lady Patriots' game against the Verdugo Lady Dons.
Samantha Freyre October 18, 2017

From the first sound of the whistle, to the feeling of despair at the end of the game, the Lady Patriots are trying to find a way to get at least one win in their volleyball division. “I was...

Track season comes to a bittersweet end

Freshman Keona Paniagua jumping over a hurdle in track.
Kirsten Cintigo May 22, 2017

With the school year coming closer to an end so does the track season. The Birmingham Community Charter High School track team season has come to a bittersweet ending for players. From the dusty...

Freshman leaps to first place

Freshman leaps to first place
Rachel Bullock March 7, 2017

  Rachel Bullock Freshman Keona Paniagua leaps her way into first place as she competes in the high jump at Birmingham Community Charter High School's track meet on March 1.

Students need to show school spirit on campus

Very few freshman students attended the freshman class elections where class representative nominees spoke to fellow peers, providing a glimpse into the low enrollment at this school.
Alice Curran October 27, 2016

  While some high schools have various events celebrating their school spirit, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School students often lack that enthusiasm because of our small size. But there are...

Seniors vie for Posse scholarship

Three seniors are anxiously waiting to hear whether they made it to the third round of The Posse Foundation's scholarship. Keonabelle Paniagua, Isabelle Marin and Ivan Moreno are among the students Counselor Martina Torres recommended for this competitive scholarship that offers a full ride to private colleges.
Shanna Aghasi October 24, 2019

Three seniors are anxiously awaiting to hear results on whether they've made it into the third round of The Posse Foundation scholarship. The Posse Foundation offers a merit-based scholarship that covers...

Seniors set a hole in the Lady Patriots varsity team

 Varsity volleyball captain Hailee Kessler poses with her fellow Lady Patriots Audree Alaras and Keona Paniagua after their home game against the Toreadors October 11.
Martin Garcia October 17, 2018

It’s something that’s normal every year in schools- seniors graduate. And Birmingham Community Charter High School’s (BCCHS) Lady Patriots from the varsity girls volleyball team are no exception. “As...

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