Student body president keeps word, umbrellas bought for school


Eduardo Cruz

Freshmen Joseph Martinez, Andy Lopez, Joey Williams and Rogae Assad talk at a table that sits in the sun during lunch.

Kyrah Hunter

Student Body President Kimberly Chaleco promised to install table umbrellas in the 2013-2014 school year as part of her campaign and she is now acting upon it.

Chaleco ordered a total of 20 umbrellas for the school’s 13 tables, which she believed is a reasonable amount. The umbrellas will cost over $15,000.

“We were able to raise the money with the student store,” Chaleco said. “When classes fundraise, we get 50 percent.”

The umbrellas are expected to arrive by the end of the school year or the beginning of next year, according to Principal Deb Smith.

Chaleco worked on the project with Student Body Vice President Ana Perez and Student Body Treasurer Vanessa Fano to allow students to be able to escape the heat during the hotter months of the year.

“Not only will it give shade to the students but it will make the school look better,” junior Selena Olalde said. “I feel like it would be easier to know where to sit because there’ll be shade.”

Olalde would rather sit outside but finds it hard to find a courtyard with enough shade. When the weather spikes up in the beginning and end of the school year, the umbrellas will be useful to have once they arrive.

“I think a lot of people will want to sit outside because it’ll be less hot,” Chaleco said.

Though they will be a convenient addition on campus, the umbrellas are also a promise Chaleco is glad she’s kept.

“I feel I’ve accomplished my word. What I said, I did,” Chaleco said. “I think that’s a good feeling.”