Actor Justin Baldoni influences teens to give back to their communities

Actor Justin Baldoni.

Wayfarer Entertainment

Actor Justin Baldoni.

Anne Lima

Actor Justin Baldoni, who plays Raphael Solano on the CW network’s hit TV show “Jane The Virgin,” has spent a good three years building his company Wayfarer-Entertainment and dedicating his time to creating film, music videos, commercials and documentaries whose content are filled with stories that make all the good, the bad and the ugly in life worth celebrating.

What’s #Good30?

I mostly wanted to create an internet platform that focused on doing good. My company’s launching an app soon that will let you tell your friends what you think their best qualities are, and #Good30 was kind of a precursor to that.

We just want to spread goodwill and encourage others to do the same.

Why did you start the Wayfarer Company?

I founded this company with the intention of spreading goodwill and love through film, and I really want to be of service to others through the work that I do.

One thing that we like to say at Wayfarer is that we’re not the heroes, but the people we film are heroes. We’re just here to share their stories.

How long have you been working with the LA Union Mission?

We have been working periodically with the Union Rescue Mission for quite a while. In fact, a number of our music videos have been shot in partnership with them. We partnered with Sarah McLachlan and the Union Rescue Mission to create a PSA that would highlight the homeless epidemic in LA.

Do you think the involvement of teens could expand this campaign even further?

Teens are the future and teens are so active on social media that having them get behind the campaign would be awesome.

How has using social media impacted your company?

Wayfarer initially got its start as a digital/YouTube-based production, so in one sense, social media has been essential for the company. It’s also such a great way to talk to fans! I do a Q&A every Monday night when a Jane the Virgin episode premieres.

Do you have any events coming up that the public can get involved in?

The main point of advice I have is that good deeds and helping people and your community can be so easy and so simple—one of the points of #Good30 was the thought that you could do something nice for another person in just 30 seconds or less.  Just be nice to people, open doors, smile, say thank you.

Goodness can be so basic that it’s often overlooked. As for events, I don’t have anything at the moment in Los Angeles, but I’m sure something will come up.

We’re working on assisting with a carnival for the homeless that will happen in Texas in April.

Has there been a story that you’ve covered that you connected with on a personal level?

All of the stories that I’ve worked with have touched me really deeply, but I’d definitely say that meeting Zach Sobiech and Chris Aiff really struck me. I met them both during the shooting of My Last Days, and they were filled with such wisdom and love of life that I couldn’t help but carry their messages with me forever.